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“this is amazing…  The feedback has been beyond stellar”
–Youth Programs Coordinator, Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts, Reno, NV

“wildly successful … show The Roots of Hip Hop in Ancient Cultures”
–African Music Nites

“high points included… a showcase at the Vera Project featuring Kamau Ngigi rapping in Swahili with the rocked-up hip-hop group Global Heat”
–Entertainment reviewer Paul De Barros – Seattle Times

“NEXT 50 presents a collaboration of performers from Benin, Brazil, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and USA illustrating the roots of contemporary culture in ancient forms”
–Ethnic Heritage Council

“Seattle NEXT 50 Project Links Roots of Hip Hop to Ancient Cultures”


Tribe-olution bio

Click the name of a key member of the ensemble below to get their bio (PDF). Bios for additional members are available upon request.

Terrance Guillermo – choreographer and b-boy
Dora Oliveira – choreographer, African dancer and Brazilian musician/vocalist
Manimou Camara – African dancer and musician/vocalist
Mestre Curisco – Capoeirista and Brazilian musician/vocalist
Dumi Maraire, Jr – African musician/vocalist and hip hop MC/beatboxer
Joe Gemmill – ill Gem Joe, hip hop MC/beatboxer, DJ, and actor
Jon Higuchi – b-boy
Rob Pastorok – Artistic Director/Manager and musician


Rob Pastorok
Global Artists Collective
Email via contact page.