TRIBE-olution at Western Arts Alliance conference

Parallels_2At the recent Western Arts Alliance conference in Seattle, TRIBE-olution members presented a showcase consisting of vignettes from their musical show Roots of Hip Hop in Ancient Cultures. The short scenes ranged from the Bronx, NY street corner scene with beatboxer and b-boys to the African dance, Capoeira, and multi-genre scenes. Beat-boxer & MC ill Gem Joe kicked off the showcase with b-boys Jsqwerl  of Massive Monkees and Blazii of Dog Pound. Other TRIBE-olution ‘dancers’ participating in the showcase were Dora Oliveira of Show Brazil and Manimou Camara of Dounia Djembe in the African scene and Capoeiristas Rafael Newman from Capoeria Malés and Coty Valdez and Fabricio Pedrosa of Capoeira Eastside. Musicians for the showcase were African percussionists Awal Alhassan and Dumi Maraire, Jr, DJ/beat-boxer ill Gem Joe, and keyboardist Rob Pastorok.  The TRIBE-olution showcase was part of an entire night of dance showcases for performing arts programming directors, organized by Harmony Artists, a major booking agency based in Los Angeles.

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